Landlords play a key role in our business for the simple reason that they provide properties for us to let. It is therefore in our best interest to take care of our landlords.

We provide two types of services:

1. Management

This is when you hand us the responsibility of managing all of your property's affairs. From finding tenants, to ensuring the collection of rent, to light maintenance. This has been proven to take a heavy load off landlords' shoulders for a minimal cost of 10% of the monthly rental. Some of our services include:

  • Checking the property before the tenants occupy it and when they vacate it.
  • Having periodic checks of the property during the tenancy period to ensure the property is kept at its best.
  • Sending you monthly statements on the rent you receive.

2. Finding Tenants

If you do not need to us to manage your property, we can most certainly advertise it on our tenancy lists to maximise the chances of it being let.

This service is initially free of charge, however if we do find tenants for your property, we charge an administration fee of two weeks rent.